Thursday 23 February 2012

LOLLA LOLLA! if you're rolling with me (C'MON!) AYO! it's yo boi, Jeffrey Atkins Laughing A Whole Lot, A.K.A, JA LAWL. You may remember me as millenial rap phenom and a sometime Steven Segal co-star (Half Past Dead is available on DVD at all good entertainment stockists, b!) What you may not know is that when I'm not serving 28 months for tax evasion and gun possession, I like to partake of the finest stand up comedy. And I ain't even fronting b, after seeing February's Glasgow Bright Club, I was so amped I had to call up my girl Ashantee-hee and flip our 2001 classic 'Always on Time' to commemorate what a ballin'- ass time I had in their company and let y'all know what is up. IT'S MURDAHHHHHHH!

Bright Club, ballin' out of control
More benefits than the dole
Why not give it a go?
Tell your fam, friends and foes

[Zara Gladman]
Give it up for the Gandalf of Bright Club,
Keeping house in order, everyone show her love!
She eat so many shrimp but never the crayfish,
Zoo-lolz by the barrel, served up on a plate (DISH!)

[Gemma Flynn]

G.Flynn, so svelte and seductive
PhD, problems being productive
I'm talking thesis, as well as ovarian,
Babies and chapters, the Stand is no place to be contrarian!

Next in line, Elaine Malcolmsom.
Educating minds, she's dry as talcom, son!
Powder. Like chowder, her set was premium,
Bag her for life (WHAT!)

[Dan Ridley-Ellis]

Dr. D.R.E, but this ones from the east,
In love with the trees, beard like a beast,
'til now JA only ever smoked trees (REGRETS!)
Conservation conflicts with JA's love of cheques (PAPER!)
Shout out to all my Edinburgh set (NAPIER!)

[Guy Jones]

Guy Jones, cooking-up laughs in the lab,
Chems and pervs unite under Emma Watson's lab-
-ia, E-I, E-I, Oh-oh,
If Guy's math right, JA there e'ernight!

[Pete Gwynne]

Pete Gwynne be strollin', he drollin',
Audience's rollin', bowled over like in bowling,
The human xan with that lean, zen master of stress,
Ain't slanging trees, he's smoking intellectual sess.

[Paddy Kondracki]

Watch Drack rock the mic, watch Drack rock the mic, watch Drack rock the mic PSYCH-
Lol-ogy, how deep can he go?
Freudian slip, what a brother know?
Lean back on the couch you're in safe hands (BRIGHT CLUB SHOW!)

Bright Club, ballin' out of control,
More benefits than the dole,
Why not give it a go?
Tell your fam, friends and foes!