Wednesday 14 March 2012

Bright Club Third Edition: 1st March 2012

Hello readers! This is how Bright Club - The Third Edition went down:

Bright Club organiser Claire Hoyda welcomed the crowd to another sell out show and introduced compere, Sian Bevan, MA (that's a Masters in Creative Writing, by the way.... postgrads FTW!)

First up was historian Struan Logan who shared stories about his favourite historical figure, Teddy Roosevelt: a man so cool, he makes Chuck Norris look like a pansy.

Virologist Richard McGonigle turned up the heat with tales of love and phallic microscopes!

Lewis Roy’s specialist subject was post-apocalyptic literature: did you know that the dementors in the fourth Harry Potter book were actually a metaphor for nuclear war?

After the break we had a bit of a break from the humanities and science with musical act, Jay Bharaj whose hit "Pub grub" rang true with more than a few audience members.

Alistair Gemmell, the particle physicist had a "smashing" time discussing his work at the large Hadron Collider!

Alison Eales, self-proclaimed BeeGeeologist gave us a lesson in disco. Did you know The Beegees wrote "Islands in the stream"? Mind blown.

Jamie Gallagher is a hot chemical physicist - literally! Jamie discussed his research into crystals which convert heat into electricity... and proved that radiation poisoning can actually be quite fun (?!).

I want to finish by saying a big thank you to all those who came along, to all the organisers for making the night happen and to Iain Hepburn who filmed all the sets - relive the night here on youtube!

Bright Club is back on March 26th at The Stand as part of Glasgow International Comedy Festival, hosted by Gallus Glaswegian, Raymond Mearns. See you then!