Saturday 19 November 2011

Bright Club Glasgow makes its debut!

We did it: Bright Club made its Glasgow debut last Thursday, with a storming sell-out show at The Admiral!

At 6 o'clock, the pub was already bustling with academic comedy enthusiasts, eager to procure one of the last remaining tickets. At 7.30 on the dot, the queueing began...

"Please let us in!" Tensions are high as The Admiral reaches capacity

By 8 o'clock, the crowd were settled and ready for Bruce Morton, our all-drinking all-smoking weegie comedy Godfather and host for the evening!

"So how did you lose your tooth then, Bruce?"

The first slice of zoology humour was delivered by astacologist and notorious attention-seeker, Zara Gladman.
I should have used Bruce's 'cray-dar' line

Next up, Alan Kelly, an athletically-gifted engineer with a penchant for triangles took to the stage.

Acutely funny

After triangle engineering came cell engineering: we all learned a thing or two about how to generate bone, courtesy of Laura McNamara.

Generating bone: cell culture or short skirts?

Alan Logan closed the first half by helping us face our irrational (and rational? but not integer) fear of mathematics.

Pastry allergies and slutty Field medalists

After what Bruce would describe as a "very successful interval", we were joined by silly-songstress and seasoned Bright Clubber, Eleanor Morton

Her song about "awkward social situations"certainly rang a bell with the academic crowd

Cod's gift to comedy - Shaun Killen - was up next, with fart jokes, Star Trek and gill-gags a-plenty! He certainly knows his audience...

Worf in the Holodeck... shudder!

From underwater to the underworld: Paul McGuinness gave a fantastically dark account of life as a criminologist, and some home-truths about what men really want.

The truth about "Foxy Knoxy"

And to finish off.... Matt Winning proved that the economy is definitely to be laughed at.

Who knew climate change was funny?

Congratulations to all of the performers and a huge THANK YOU to everyone who came along! It was a most excellent evening.

See you at the next one.... speaking of which: if you are interested in performing or helping to organise Bright Club Glasgow II, please get in touch! Contact the crayfisher on:

Until next time!

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